Friday, 14 January 2011

haha finally friday d xD happy nia hehe
finally no nid stay at hostel le =.=

after class, went to HELP residences. xD
after pick lotte up,
we went 1u eat nandoes,
1/4 chicken with two side lines, both sidelines oso rice. woohoo
satisfaction =)

after that went back HELP residences again haha
n now blogging in her room
k la, wan go mama's kitchen eat d. =)
bye xD

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


so damn bored today, haih
class until 3.30, after that nothing to do le. =(
go back room
then rot in the room until tml 8a.m., then go for class, then class finish, go back room
rot til another day, then go for class again.
wah, shiok lo lidat de life. =.=

i m gonna die soon if my life continue lidat.
suckies life ever in taylors, zzz

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

900 days more go go!! =)

2nd day in taylors, it really sucks of staying here,
the room is so small, small till every time back to the room, don't know what to do pun.
i m wondering how am i gonna pass the 2 and the half years. =.=
its so hard to pass a day, eventhough today is the 2nd day, but for me, it's like 1 week d. zzzz

but luckily just now i went to pusat bandar damansara which where is help located to find charlotte,
1st time drive go, damn nervous, haha
heard that KL road is complicated,
nearly get lost just now when going back to taylors from HELP, haha
luckily i stop them n uturn back =.=

today, finally i can find somebody to talk to,
in taylors, everyone is in a group, is so hard to join their group n talk with them,
but today is way better, i met charlotte, jxian, mandy (just get to know her =]), chong wei, n her sis (ps duno ur name xp), jesslyn n a guy (duno whats ur name d, reli ps, haha i just noe he swims well xD)

we have a dinner in secret reciepe after that sundae cone in mcd. haha
after that went to HELP Residence Hall n chit chat xD its quite fun at thr
hope that we can meet regularly. xD miss u all much =)

k la, thats all for today xD
gonna watch house cooper d =.=
nite nite

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Missy Missy LOL

由于这几天有 Test,所以没有什么 update 新的 post.

前天考 econs,

okok la, luan luan kang all, 都不知道对不对..


Trial balance 那边少一个 account,

可是不知道做什么还能balance 得到

星期一跟朋友去 Missy 吃午餐!LOL

这次聪明了,吃了才去 xD

那边的 set lunch sipek 贵,可是好吃啦!haha

它的mushroom shoup sipek keat

没吃过的人,可以去 try try


看到人家 Mohawk 的头发吗? LOL

还几可爱的 xD

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Mois & One Club

Just back from mois and one club,

这次的 clubbing okay okay nia,

Mayb 酒不够 gua?

Totally 没有high LOL


To those who keep on saying those nonsense de a,


beh sien 的咩?

朋友朋友 happy happy 就可以了 ma,


不是说我玩不起,都 try ma.

人家都不要了 ma…. 还要怎样?


Ruin my mood 罢了,zzzz

Friday, 22 January 2010

After 送殡的活动 19/20 - 01 - 2010


送到一半时,车头 telus 出烟,

DriverJason Ho, telus 被吓,


我时候,我们三个诸葛亮就 gao gao



吓到我们的头发都站起来 xD

Here comes Jason ho,

想很 gao 酱,

一直 call call call

阁一天,就去 gurney makan,

Kenneth Lim

I’m oways the driver,



Sushi King!


老板娘 telus gan,

Then I telus run xD

平装的我 LOL

家升,Face the wall!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Redbox woohoo~

哈罗,今天跟朋友去 redbox. xD

10 个人,很久没有酱多人一起去唱K 了,hehe

LOL 我们的 Yeng Kor xD

The GentlemanS

还有人在睡觉 xD

醒了 LOL

不知道在做什么 pun

过后就去看戏 xD Haunted University, zzz

Suck! LOL dun go c. waste money nia